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2012-05-08 14:16:53 by ComposerSyterious

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Keep pursuing your dreams! - Hill & Wynn

Prologue: My brother and I

2011-04-14 16:14:28 by ComposerSyterious

Allow me to introduce ourselves. My name is Hill, and my brother's name is Wynn (check him out here as well, his web alias is ComposerKuandohan His NewGrounds Channel). We compose music of any form, genre, sound, et cetera.

We have so many inspirations, but our main one is Video Game Music. It's not only nostalgic to us, but it contains great music that can very well stand alone. It seems to be often over-looked type of music, but Much respect has been given.

We're currently beginners in music theory standards but feel advanced and confident. We continue to learn everyday and never stop learning.

Along with a few other things, it's our most aspired occupation and we have the most passion and determination for music. It's our most beloved thing other than our family for they accepted, encouraged, helped, and supported the passions we have, along with other philosophies and beliefs that make us wonderful human beings (just like you all) and appreciate life. We love them very much.

We'll accept musical offers and would love to have commissions and requests.

For contacts, here's our e-mail addresses:

If you want to see more music from us, visit our YouTube Pages:

ComposerSyterious (Hill Smith)
ComposerKuandohan (Wynn Smith)

We also started a project called the Extemporaneous Project, More info and music in these links:

A video with Information in the description.
The music page.

Keep pursuing, and happy composing!

P.S. this is us. Aren't we handsome, ladies? xD

Prologue: My brother and I