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So hilarious, yet informative!

Oh my goodness, your examples in explaining the tone are so ridiculous! Like, "The third tone go down and up, like dead body in river!" Among the others, that is.
This is pretty off-color, but I like myself some dark humor. =p Anyway, very intriguing. xD
Keep pursuing, Mick!

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I will give much respect.

Although not my favorite humor, some of the comics were pretty funny, I will definitely give respect because you guys are pretty prolific, as stated on the flash about your web site.
Very simple flash, and it's technically an advertisement/website teaser, but that OK for me because you guys update so often.

Keep pursuing!

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Well done!

It's latiny electronic percussion with chip-tune melodies, with a ending that's so satisfying! Not bad I would say. One complaint would be that I wish you added more with the percussion (but that just because I'm a fan of Aphex Twin =p). I really liked the tempo shift at the end, and the lead synths as well.
Well done, for an experimental DnB piece. Keep pursuing!

DukeoOoHazrd responds:

Thanks for your insitefull review! I also get bummed by my lack of percussion on the songs I've made, especially this one, but I'm hoping to get a midi controller soon (the AKAI Professional MPD18, or the LPD8) and I'm hoping that it will increase my productivity in the rhythm section as I am more of a hands-on type of person.

Thanks again for your review and vote!

Draden Draetsu

Very nice!

A bit repetitive, but that's not a bad thing. It's almost acts as a build up piece. Very good chill out parts, and very cool ending. It looped very well. Also, great quality, and the transitions were fluent.
Awesome job, and keep pursuing!

Yelinson responds:

thanks bro! :)

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Very good job at capturing the essence of ARINNNNN! :P

What I really love about this portrait is that it freakin' reminds me of Aphex Twin's "I Care Because You Do..." album cover. I love that resemblance. :D
If Arin Hanson had a face mask like Richard D. James did in his music videos, this would probably be the face. xD

Keep pursuing your dreams! - Hill

I am a composer of music, especially for the media. I'm up for requests and commissions. Enjoy my music, and keep pursuing! Software: Cubase 5, EWQL CCC

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